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We are so proud of Dallas Voice Coach (DVC) student, Alejandra Ferreira, and her coach, DVC's Hillary Brandise Leverton! In the last six months, Alejandra has won We are thrilled to share some outstanding achievements from Dallas Voice Coach (DVC). Our heartfelt congratulations go to Alejandra Ferreira, a remarkable student, and her dedicated coach, Hillary Brandise Leverton from DVC.

In the past six months, Alejandra has garnered an impressive collection of 4 International awards, showcasing her extraordinary talent and dedication to her craft. Among these accolades, she triumphed in the Charleston Music Competitions, achieving 1st place at the Contemporary Music Competition, 2nd place in the European Music Competition, and another 2nd place in the Romantic Music Competition. Additionally, Alejandra secured a commendable 3rd place with American Classical Young Musicians.

These accomplishments not only reflect Alejandra's exceptional musical prowess but also underscore the quality of guidance provided by her coach, Hillary Brandise Leverton. As we celebrate these triumphs, we eagerly anticipate even more remarkable milestones in Alejandra's musical journey.

CONGRATULATIONS to both Alejandra and Hillary! Your dedication and talent are truly inspiring, and we look forward to witnessing the continued success of this incredible musical partnership.

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