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About Me, Alejandra

Hey there! I'm Alejandra Ferreira, and at 17 years old, I'm on an exhilarating journey as a singer/songwriter. While I'm relatively new to the world of creating music, I've plunged headfirst into this passion of mine. My roots are deeply embedded in the heart of Texas, where I've soaked up the vibrant culture and unique energy that this state has to offer.

Before melodies and lyrics consumed my world, I was known for my dedication to competitive saber fencing. I've been in nationals, Panamerican games and junior and cadete youth world championships. The world of fencing taught me discipline, determination, and the thrill of chasing victory. Yet, there came a point when I realized that while I was skilled with a saber in my hand, it was music that truly stirred my soul. So, with a leap of faith, I decided to pivot and commit my time and energy to my newfound love: creating music that resonates with the heart.

When I'm not pouring my emotions into my music, you can find me lending my voice to the Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton choir at my local church. Singing in the choir not only allows me to hone my vocal skills but also connects me with a wonderful community of fellow believers. And that's not all – I also take my passion to various local spots, where I perform for intimate audiences who share in my love for music.

One of my favorite aspects of this musical journey is the art of songwriting. At home, I dive into the depths of my emotions, translating my thoughts into lyrics that I hope will touch hearts and minds. It's a vulnerable yet incredibly empowering process, and every song I write is a piece of my own story that I'm eager to share with the world.

So here it is, my music. With every note I sing, every chord I strum, and every word I write, I'm inviting you to experience life through my lens. I hope my melodies resonate with you, and my lyrics strike a chord deep within your own experiences. Thank you for joining me on this incredible ride – I can't wait for you to discover the emotions, stories, and dreams that my music holds.

"Alejandra's music is a breath of fresh air. Her captivating voice and unique sound set her apart from the rest."- Texas Music Magazine
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